Manufacturing Engineer I

POSITIONSUMMARY:TheManufacturing Engineer may be responsible for multiple stages of a projectrelating to creating, maintaining, and improving production processes and/orproducts in the manufacturing core. He/she is expected to contribute individually or on a team to thesuccess of engineering projects by brainstorming solutions, refining ideas, andusing existing or devising new processes to evaluate or improve product orprocess performance. An applicant shouldhave more than an introductory level of technical expertise and some experiencewith design and process control and project management.
Developingand implementing process control techniques and procedures into manufacturingenvironments.
Analyzingand optimizing manufacturing process flows continually for the enhancements ofquality, cost reduction, and throughput.
Conferringwith vendors in determining product specifications and arranging equipment,parts, or material purchase, and evaluating products according to quality standardsand specifications.
Workingclosely with manufacturing department to develop, coordinate, and implementtechnical training for employees.
Workingwith the Planning Group in estimating staffing requirements, production times,and relative costs to provide data for operational decisions.
Collaboratingwith Product Development and Process Development engineering regarding producttooling, equipment, and gage design as well as product design to ensureeffective production methods.
Providingengineering support in production departments to troubleshoot and resolvetechnical problems.
Coordinatingwork with tool room, equipment, and facilities personnel, assigned technicians,and outside vendors.
Supportingcompany policies and procedures, goals and objectives, FDA and AATBregulations, local, state, and federal laws, and good manufacturing practices.
Workingwith facilities and affected business unit(s) to create and/or refineappropriate preventative maintenance procedures and schedules.
Workingwith the calibration department and affected business unit(s) to create and/orrefine appropriate calibration procedures and schedules.
Otherduties as assigned.
EDUCATION/EXPERIENCEREQUIRED AND/OR PREFERRED: (list required and preferredseparately)
BSdegree in an engineering or related discipline and relevant working experience(internships considered)
ProjectManagement experience preferred
MedicalDevice or Tissue Bank experience preferred
Handson experience with machinery preferred
Productionenvironment experience preferred
KNOWLEDGE,SKILLS AND ABILITIES: (list required and preferred separately)
ManufacturingEngineerAbilityto complete assigned tasks with supervision. This could include creatingdetailed and accurate project task and schedules, interfacing with project teammembers and other support personnel and solving simple project-relatedconflicts and issues.
Abilityto create and maintain internal data and documentation according to companypolicies for assigned projects. Abilityto organize and prepare presentation of materials for internal or externaltechnical reviews.
Providesinput to more senior engineers and team members on materials for internaltechnical reviews.
Abilityto solve simple problems and design simple experiments. Ability to resolve technical issues withinthe scope of one's core educational expertise with assistance and monitoringfrom more experienced staff.
Abilityto provide internal communication on technical results and issues, bothverbally and in written form.
Abilityto work collaboratively with others
Abilityto communicate openly and honestly.
Abilityto complete standard design and engineering tasks without assistance in thescope of core educational expertise.
Knowledgeof six sigma, kaizen, or similar mechanism for process improvements
Knowledgeof Lean Manufacturing Processes or similar
Knowledgeof process control techniques and methods
List activityrequirements and percentage of time: KEY: Not atall (0%), Occasional (1-33%), Frequent(34-66%), Constant (67-100%)
Climbing: Not at all (0%) Bending: Occasional (1-33%) Kneeling/Crawling withforce: Not at all (0%) Pulling: Occasional (1-33%) Reaching Above Head: Occasional (1-33%) Twistingat waist: Occasional (1-33%)
Lift above shoulders: Occasional (1-33%) Liftfrom floor level: Occasional (1-33%)
Medium work: Physically handle objects up to 50 lbs. frequently.

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